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Land surveys and geological surveys for large and small projects alike, in an accurate and timely manner. 

expert in gathering, understanding, and delivering

Over the past four decades, we have built an industry-wide reputation as an expert in gathering, understanding, and delivering high-quality land surveys and geospatial data through the use of many different methods. Utilizing the latest technologies – including Robotic Total Stations, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Equipment, Digital Levels, High-Definition Laser Scanners (HDS), and state-of-the-art Survey Controllers and Data Collectors – our highly knowledgeable and personable field and office staff are well-equipped to perform a wide variety of land survey service and geological surveys for large and small projects alike, in an accurate and timely manner.

Legal And Land Surveys

A land survey is an invaluable asset for anyone concerned with their property rights, and an essential tool for anyone transferring property, refinancing or planning any property improvements. A licensed land surveyor will thoroughly research both the property’s legal documentation and field evidence. The property boundary will be monumented, and a Certificate of Survey will be drafted to clearly and accurately identify the property and associated rights.

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Easement / Lease Tract Exhibits
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
  • Certificate of Location of Government Corner
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Expert Witness Testimony
land surveys and expert geospatial planning services
land surveys for land development and real estate

Land Development

We provide professional land survey services for all phases of residential, commercial, and public infrastructure development. Whether you need an initial boundary, a geological land survey, or a topographic survey for design purposes, a preliminary and final plat, construction staking, and/or an as-built record survey, you can be confident our dedicated staff will complete the project on-time and within budget.

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Common Interest Community (CIC) Plats
  • Right-Of-Way Plats
  • Construction Layout / Field Staking
  • As-Built Record Drawings
  • Quantity Calculations
  • FAA 1A / 2C Certification Letters

Large Scale Land Surveys

Our expertise in aerial mapping allows us to provide cost-effective alternative services for large-scale projects, such as highway or rail corridors, power lines, pipelines, wind farms, quarries, landfills, and nature preserves. Our staff has the technical ability to provide a variety of 2-D and/or 3-D products to meet the unique requirements of your project. We accomplish each land survey used a variety of techniques, including drone photography, laser scanning, and more.

  • Plan & Profile Drawings
  • Land Use / Environmental Change Analysis
  • Aerial Photo Control
  • Mobile LiDAR Control
  • Geodetic Surveys
land surveys and expert geospatial planning solutions
land surveys and geospatial planning services
We also offer laser scanning services that reduce disruption to the area and provide accurate data for project planning needs. Laser scanning can be completed at a safe distance from the work area and without any disruption to existing traffic.

Aeronautical Surveys

Our company is on the leading edge of performing land surveys for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airports Surveying-Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) Program. Our team has successfully completed surveys of dozens of large and small airports all across the country while strictly following the guidance and specifications for aeronautical surveys contained in the FAA Advisory Circulars (AC) for Airport Projects. Our aviation experts collect and process the field data, which gets submitted to the FAA and National Geodetic Survey (NGS) electronically via a web application.

  • FAA AC 150/5300-16A: General Guidance and Specifications for Aeronautical Surveys: Establishment of Geodetic Control and Submission to the National Geodetic Survey
  • FAA AC 150/5300-17C: Standards for Using Remote Sensing Technologies in Airport Surveys
  • FAA AC 150/5300-18B: General Guidance and Specifications for Submission of Aeronautical Surveys to NGS: Field Data Collection and Geographic Information System (GIS) Standards
  • Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 77: Obstructions to Navigation
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Land Survey Deliverables

We can produce a plethora of customized two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) survey products in a wide variety of industry-standard formats specially designed to meet the unique requirements of each project. Each project is thoroughly evaluated during our conversations with you, and we create a set of survey deliverables to meet your requirements. These deliverables offer excellent value through accurate results that can be used solely for the immediate project or combined with other services for more complex, multiphased plans.

Customary land survey deliverables include:

  • Signed Certificate of Survey
  • Planimetric / Topographic CADD Files
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) / Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) Files
  • GIS Shapefiles
  • Point Coordinate Files
  • Field Notes
  • Certified Reports

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