Geospatial Markets

We provide laser scanning, high definition scanning, spatial mapping, mobile mapping, photogrammetry and drone mapping

Geospatial markets we serve include aviation, roads and railways, facility management, architecture and structure, site development, and the energy and natural resources industries. These industries require careful planning and thorough surveys to ensure accuracy in the project planning, design and build phases.


The geospatial markets we serve require precision accuracy. We provide laser scanning, high definition scanning, spatial mapping, mobile mapping, photogrammetry, drone mapping, and scanning, and many other services to gather as much data as necessary for accuracy. By gathering millions of data points, we provide detailed information for all phases of project planning.


Knowledge of each geospatial market we operate in is the key to our success. Past projects include airport designs, roadway plans, bridges, railroads, historic building restoration, and more. We focus on specific geospatial markets to ensure clients have a partner ready and able to understand the nuances of their project and respond with the best advice and resources for their needs.


When the lives of airplane passengers, thousands of drivers, or inhabitants of a building depend on the results of your construction project, you need to find a geospatial scanning and surveying partner you can trust. We have over three decades of experience in all aspects of surveying, laser scanning, graphic design, and more. Our designers, surveyors, visual artists, drone pilots, and others train and certify in their industries as well as continue to update their skills to provide the best knowledge, insight, and information for our clients. With our dedicated staff and proven history of delivering excellence to our clients, we are the right choice for projects in many geospatial markets.

Next Steps

Review our website, geospatial solutions and all of our geospatial markets. Read our documentation. Watch videos of our projects. Then, call us at 651-686-8424 for a consultation. Meet our team, discuss your project needs, and receive an estimate on your project.

We recognize and understand that the choice of a surveying, scanning, or mapping project is a significant step in the project roadmap and welcome all inquiries. When accuracy, trust, and knowledge counts, contact us.

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