Martinez Geospatial (MTZ) teamed up with HGA Architects & Engineers in 2018 to perform High-Definition Laser Scanning collection and registration at the Minneapolis City Hall. The project goal was to have a complete survey-grade laser scan of the facility to be referenced as existing conditions for future repairs and construction. The scanning alleviates return trips to the field to verify or collect more measurements, one of the many continuing benefits to laser scanning!

North Face of Minneapolis City Hall captured by Laser Scan
Minneapolis City Hall

Public Space Scanning

MTZ safely scanned from locations within, on-top of, alongside, across the street, and from surrounding rooftops to be sure there would be full laser scan coverage of the facility. The final point cloud resulted in over 100 scans tied together with survey-grade relative (real world measurements) accuracy. The final product was a complete seamless point cloud delivered to HGA Architects and Engineers.

The project was completed on schedule for our client and done with delicate precision.

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