Recently Martinez Geospatial (MTZ) was contracted by a major hospital system in the Twin Cities to provide a survey-grade 3-D Revit model of their facility. The facilities management at the hospital was looking to create a current and accurate Revit model of their campus. Once MTZ was on the team, the HDS systems were ready to go.

Visualization of final Revit Modeling with textures.
Urban Hospital Modeling

Facilities Planning for Healthy Growth

The hospital was continuing their campus master plan, and what better way to start than with a true existing model of the facilities.

Our HDS scanners were in the field for a couple of weeks collecting interior and exterior scans of the campus. The end product was a 3-D model tied down to a survey control network with the exteriors and arteries (pardon the pun) of the buildings. The ‘arteries’ included the major hallways and staircases, this was done so additional modeling could be added to the Revit model at a later date. MTZ is careful to be sure the point cloud data ‘ties’ to the survey control network so additional modeling can be added accurately, and tie together properly, in the end. Data tied to control networks sets MTZ clients up for success as they continue their projects at later dates.

The project was completed on schedule for our client and done with delicate precision.

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