A Combination of Capabilities

Martinez Geospatial (MTZ) was recently contracted by Ramsey County, MN to complete survey-grade and design-level topographic and planimetric feature collection for Lexington Parkway in St. Paul, MN. MTZ deployed their Mobile LiDAR Scanning (MMS), high-definition survey grade laser scanning (HDS), and aerial photogrammetry services to provide complete the survey for the county.

The project utilized Mobile LiDAR along city streets to capture Right-of-Ways, HDS on rail lines beneath roadway bridges, and aerial photogrammetry to complete the project area where the mobile and static data were not used to collect. The project is a perfect example of MTZ using their agile skill set to give their client the best possible product of survey-grade and design-level existing conditions capturing.

The survey was done for an upcoming reconstruction along Lexington Parkway. MTZ was proud to provide our industry-leading existing conditions capturing services on this project with Ramsey County.

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